Video Games at Music City Multi Con

Music City Multi Con is Nashville’s largest annual Gaming, Comic, Cosplay, and Pop Culture Convention. The three day event is taking place October 27-29, 2023 in the 79,000 sq ft Farm Bureau Expo Center in Lebanon, TN. Our Vendor Room has over 120 booths of Video Games, Comics, Toys, and all the Geek Stuff you love.

Vendor Room Hours

Friday Oct 27, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Saturday Oct 28, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday Oct 29, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Our Vendor Room is SOLD OUT for 2023


Chris Bachalo Comic Artist
Mark Bagley Comic Artist
Jason Shawn Alexander Comic Artist
Todd Nauck Comic Artist
Eric Canete Comic Artist
Tim Townsend Comic Artist
Shawn Crystal Comic Artist
Cary Nord Comic Artist
Andrew Robinson Comic Artist
Dan Fraga Comic Artist
Lary Stucker Comic Artist
Billy Martinez Artist
Sam Payne Artist
CGC Grading Services
Holden’s Heroes: Graded Comics and More Comics
Comic City Comics, Toys
Hanthercraft Ltd. Tandra original comics, major label comics, Rebel sabers brand light sabers, other toys and collectibles.
Comic Wreck Comic Wreck has with a huge selection of MANGA (2,000+ individual volumes, many, many Out of Print), at some of the LOWEST prices (starting at $6!) – BRING YOUR WANT LIST! We ALSO BUY AND TRADE Manga, so BRING US YOUR OVERSTOCK/DISCARDS and those awkward Christmas gifts – we also have 100’s of Prints – TV, Dr. Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf & Walking Dead: Movies: Comic Art, Anime/Manga, Video Games, Toys – Any remaining space will be PACKED with our “Bookcase of the Obscure & Bizarre” (BOB) – “…things you may have Never seen before, may never see again, and quite frankly, probably Don’t want to see now…” But you won’t know until you try…. Come see Unca George – he’s just like Earth in the revised Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – “Mostly Harmless…” – at the Comic Wreck booths!!!
Gatorguard Comics We sell high end cases to protect comics.
Tekno Cos & More Pop! Figures, comics and other figurines and collectible.
The Phoenix’s Lair I sell a plethora of anime, video game, pop culture, horror and weeb/nerd/geek friendly items. We sell, handmade anime/video game pillows and character pillowfriends, plushies, toys, statues, collectibles, voice actor autographs, anime/ nerdy home decor, LED themed lighting, gothic statuettes and jewelry, clothing, anime rugs and tapestries, figures, novelty items, Professional Gaming mats & tons of different things. We are a very ecclectic shop. In 13 years of doing this ive never met another vendor like us. We hand pick and/or make our inventory to ensure its uniqueness.
The Next Level Games Pokemon, MTG, Statues, Tournaments if needed, Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime/Manga.
Board Game Boss Board Game Boss is a 3D print-on-demand service. I create and sell board game accessories and organizers, Dungeons and Dragons props and accessories, resin-printed miniatures and terrain for role playing games, as well as a few basic pop culture items like coasters and replica props.
Edge Gaming and Collectibles We sell magic the gathering, Pokémon, yugioh, board games, anime/super hero and other style statues, action figures, funko pops and lego!
The Game King Retro Games and Concoles, table top games including MTG and Pokemon collectables of all kinds including anime and action figures and funko, replicas of swords and replicas of pop collectables.
Archangelis Games LLC Archangelis Games is a new, family-run game design company located in Fairview, TN. Our passion is for deckbuilding card games, and our first game, Archangelis, is in crowdfunding at this very moment (May 2023). The project was 100% funded after only its first week. We already have a second game in testing, scheduled for crowdfunding in August of this year. Additionally, we have two more games entering the playtesting phase.
Chrysanthemum Productions A new game development company based in Raleigh NC. We emphasize sustainability in gaming, and we’ll be selling board games we’ve created and supplies for sustainable gaming!
BrickAction BrickAction Games – A tabletop Strategy Battle Game for Fans and Collectors of Building blocks! Goods offered will be ww2 themed building sets and figures for gameplay purposes (vehicles, terrain, etc) If possible I would like to set up a small demonstration of gameplay for attendees.
Actual Nerds.Com Showcase of upcoming game update, featuring a playable demo.
Sleepy Dog Studios The Obsessive Shadow is a VR Survival Indie Horror Game about a stalker you can’t exactly Identify. With nothing but your eyes and a flashlight at your disposal, it’s up to you to survive whatever horrific person or thing is out there watching you…
Masterson’s Games and Collectibles Retro Games & Consoles, Japanese Plush.
JGaming Video Games
Trenchcoat Merchant I sell Retro video games from all systems, specializing mostly in playstation and Nintendo games.
Dave’s Games, Toys & More We are excited to be back for our third year. We are prabably one if not the largest vendor at the convention with 5 booths of goodies of all kinds. We offer retro video games, consoles accessories, etc. We also offer retired lego sets both sealed and CIB. We have tons of vintage and modern toys lines like Stars Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Master of the Universe, Thundercats, Jurassic Park, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers & More. We will also have a nice selection of Comic books.
Flashback Movies and Games I sell anime and video gaming collectables such as figures/statues, plushies, posters/prints, keychains, video games, Pokemon TCG, and more. I am also looking to expand a bit into horror/movie collectables so some of those types of items may also show up at my booth.
Warez Gamez Modern and retro games, figures and plush.
Otaku Quartermaster, LLC Japanese Import & Art books; Journals; Models; Figurines; Gunpla; Windchimes; Noren; Tenugui; Furoshiki; Prints: Licensed, Original, Framed & Unframed.
Chibitasm Chibi Badges – 3″ handmade laminated character badges that come on a clip Keychains – 2″ double-sided acrylic keychains on a lobster claw hook. Prints – 11×17 fanart prints. I plan on adding a lot of original work throughout the year. Pillow Plusies – 14″ character pillow plushies.
International Candy Company & Graveyard Offerings I sell Japanese candy, snacks etc. My wife sells pop culture collectibles and more.
Resilient Design Studio Anime/Pop culture related clothing, accessories, toys, and posters.
Armory Quest Armory Quest is mobile and online business that caters to cosplay, fantasy, anime, and comic community. Creating and generating the best foam props in the industry. We sell Con safe, kid friendly FOAM props and masks. Which includes foam swords, sheilds, masks, daggers, axes and hammers.
Rebel Sabers Electronic hobby grade lightsabers.
Alchemist Elite Comics We are promoting a New Graphic Novel we have coming out.
Saffron Books Selling high quality comic & mythology books.
Author D. Alan Lewis Books written by myself. Genres include steampunk, fantasy, pulp, paranormal-noir and fantasy mysteries.
The Moonspell Copies of The Moonspell Book 1 will be available, and copies of my self published comic “Rebirth” will be on hand.
DMR Books DMR Books publishes fantasy, horror, and adventure fiction in the traditions of Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and other classic writers of the pulp era. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest cutting edge action/adventure fantasy fiction, as well as reprinting obscure gems from days past.
Dana Fraedrich, Steampunk Fantasy Author At Dana’s booth, you’ll find her steampunk book series, of course, but also handmade scented candles based on her characters, handmade polyhedral dice, crocheted goods, jewelry, and more.
Pixel Empire Pixel Empire offers original anime, pop culture, and video game related posters printed with special effects such as glow in the dark, glitter ink, and 3D lenticular.
Snakefarm Comics Prints, self published comics.
Viking Myke Graffix Original artwork, prints & sketchbooks for sale.
Gregory Krivac Art My art- canvases, prints, comic covers.
Tina Isola Illustration I am a Nashville based comic book artist and author, selling colorful art of fantasy/sci-fi female protagonists. My merchandise includes comics, Art prints, tapestries, coloring books, stickers and mystery boxes.
What I see Imagery I sell prints of my toy photography and I will share space with fiction author Scott Blasingame.
Bug Boy Books Selling books and comic books my partner and I created.
Fox Storytelling Artist.
Twymon Art, LLC Graphic design, anime, comic books.
MBartist Fine art prints, canvas and comics.
The Art of Megan Withey Fantasy and pop-culture watercolor paintings. Disney and Anime as well.
Stitch Stitch art from artist Jonathan Hallett.
Ella’s Enchantments Fantasy/Nerdy themed art, magnets, jewelry (pendants, bracelets, rings, hairpins, tiebars, and cufflinks), buttons, and keychains.
Restored Riches Fandom jewelry and accessories, such as lanyards, pens, notebooks and potions.
Shrunk 3D Nashville At Shrunk 3D, we specialize in transforming moments into tangible keepsakes. Our innovative 3D scanning technology allows people to step into our booth, wearing their favorite costume. In just half a second, we capture a high-resolution 3D scan that serves as a blueprint for creating lifelike figurines. From there, we handle all the technical work, creating a detailed 3D model and creating a figurine in full color HD using a 3D printing process called Multi Jet Fusion. The final product is a lifelike figurine that serves as a lasting memento of special achievements and milestones.
Q&L Creations 3D Printed items
Monkey-Pup Creations 3d printed and hand painted koozie mugs, dice towers/bottles, gaming props and cosplay items and dice bags.
Infinite Vinyl Tumblers, decals ,mystery bags, metal signs, and 3d printed items.
Wizards Comics & Posters Anime, Comic, Movie and Music posters.
Wasteland Collectibles We sell Funko Pops. We have over 1200 different Funkos including commons, exclusives and even vaulted.
Christopher’s ToyBox Seller of Modern 6″ action figures. Marvel Legends, Star Wars, and assorted other lines.
Toynk Toys Toynk Toys feature the most sought-after products from the trendiest pop-culture brands around. You will find EXCLUSIVE and limited edition finds as well unique products from your favorite shows and movies. From Toys to Mystery boxes and so much more! Check out some of our best-selling brands and products at the show! or on our website!
Ginger Kid Collectibles Action Figures and Comic Books. Authorized Retailer for Mythic and Cosmic Legions – we sell new McFarlane, NECA, Hasbro, Mezco, Hot Toys, Kenner, and Toy Biz as well. Vintage to Modern Comics.
Boss Dog Artist owned and operated clothing brand. We sell t-shirts, hoodies, and some smaller accessories. Check out our instagram (@bosssdog) to get a full scoop of what we have to offer.
Vibe Creations LLC Various character anime led lights, led signs, led keychains, laser engraved jewelry boxes, laser engraved keychains, laser engraved tumblers, manga inspired book boxes, 3d printed items.
The Knotty Lass I am a textile artist and my husband is a woodworker. We handcraft purses, wallets, totes, dice boards, charcuterie boards and more with a gaming/anime design focus.
2 Nerds and a Dog We offer a mashup of handmade and natural collectibles. We create nerdy fan art and novelty items in many different mediums. We offer wooden 8-bit pixel art, sensory bottles, crystals and stones, movie/tv/game/literature inspired décor, and more.
Nerdy Treasures by Amy Custom made pokemon, anime and game themed ball caps and gifts
Mimosa Studios Cute and original illustrations as buttons, stickers, bookmarks, enamel pins, charms, lanyards, pillows, metal racks, and prints.
Ponderplace Grove Handmade plushes, stickers, decorative shaped sign panels, hand tufted wall hangings, and keychains. Most with a nature/ cryptic theme inspired by “lost in the forest” and chaotic neutral vibes with a small amount of fan art included. Everything is made in house or directly by me in some way.
Zig Zag Stitching Handcrafted purses, bags, wallets, keychains, and accessories. Also a selection of embroidered items such as towels and dice trays.
Sugar N Spice Delights Gothic resin Figures. Dragons, unicorns, skulls, wolves, light catchers and much more. All glow or light up.
As You Wish Custom Embroidered key chains, wall art, coasters, purses, and water bottle bags. Dice Towers, dragon eggs, and animals. Dice.
Buzzer’s Wonderland/The Shiny Penny We have lighted signs, Dice Towers, Cups, Mugs, Paper Towel Holders, Outlet/Switch Covers, and Hair Scrunchies.
Rivendell H Designs We try to have a little something for everyone. So we sell kpop merch and albums, blankets, scarves, beanies, bbhats, pins, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, stone bracelets, name/word bracelets/keychains/cell charms, stickers, notebooks, bookbags, bags, facemasks, headbands, plushies, socks, posters, phone pop charms, random anime merch.
Incognita’s Infamous Adventures/Angry Muffin Studios “Incognita’s Infamous Adventures” is an award-winning superhero musical web series. The show can be streamed on Amazon Prime, and the soundtrack is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. We will have merchandise and giveaways at the booth to promote the show. Sharing booth space with us will be the show’s graphic artist, Grace Kwock, who will also have merchandise available.
T-Mobile Cellular information, services, devices and accessories.

Vendor at Music City Multi Con - Nashville Comic Convention
Vendor at Music City Multi Con - Nashville Comic Convention
Vendor at Music City Multi Con - Nashville Comic Convention