2022 Panels from Music City Multi Con

Panel Video from Music City Multi Con 2022

If you missed a panel from 2022 or you want to watch your favorite panel again they will all be posted here.

Look for new panels to be posted every week.

Metal Jesus Rocks and John Riggs: Q&A at Music City Multi Con

Video game YouTubers Metal Jesus Rocks and John Riggs visit Music City Multi Con in Nashville, TN and answer all of your questions.

You can find Metal Jesus Rocks on YouTube at @MetalJesusRocks

You can find John Riggs on YouTube at @JohnRiggs

John Pomeroy: A Career in Animation

John Pomeroy discusses his distinguished career in animation. Starting In 1973 with his work at the Walt Disney Company and his work as an animator on Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too—a beloved classic that went on to earn an Academy Award Nomination.

During his time at Disney, he met fellow animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Later Pomeroy, Bluth, Goldman, and several other Disney animators formed Don Bluth Productions—which, later, became Bluth Group. Together, they went on to produce The Secret of NIMH (1982), as well as the animation for the laserdisc video games Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair—which was most recently highlighted in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

During this talk John includes a highlight reel of his work and does live sketches of several characters.

You can find John Pomeroy online at JonnPomeroy.com

Creating Comic Covers: With David Finch, Tyler Kirkham, and E.M. Gist

Have you ever wondered what goes into the creation of your favorite covers? Get a peek behind the curtain when David Finch, Tyler Kirkham, and E. M. Gist discuss their creative and technical processes. Come and have your questions answered by three industry professionals. Hosted by David Holden.

You can find David Finch online at davidfinchart.com

You can find Tyler Kirkham online at tylerkirkhamart.com

You can find E.M. Gist online at erikgist.com

Comic Artist Roundtable: With Matt Banning, Dan Fraga, and Lary Stucker

Join us for a Q&A with Comic Creators Matt “Batt” Banning, Dan Fraga, and Lary Stucker. Hosted by David Holden. We start out with how each comic creator got started in the comic industry, then open the discussion up to audience questions.

You can find Matt Banning online at Artstation.com/mattbattbanning

You can find Dan Fraga on Instagram at instagram.com/couchdoodles

John Youssi: Creating Pinball Art

Brent Griffith from the Broken Token Classic Gaming Podcast is joined by legendary pinball artist John Youssi to discuss John’s career in Pinball Art and his recent work on Toy Story 4 Pinball from Jersey Jack Pinball.

Visit Jersey Jack Pinball to see John’s latest games including Toy Story 4 Pinball, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Pinball, and Dialed In! Pinball.

Visit Broken Token at https://brokentoken.com/

Pedal to the Metal with Metal Jesus Rocks, Mike Vinikour, and Doug Pflueger

Video game YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks is joined by Mike Vinikour from Stern Pinball and Doug Pflueger to discuss their favorite bands, albums, concerts, and collecting vinyl. If it deals with music it is fair game.

You can find Metal Jesus Rocks on YouTube at @MetalJesusRocks

Nintendrew: From Hobby to Career – Breaking into the Game Development Industry

Andrew Kenady (Nintendrew) is joined by John Riggs to discuss getting into Video Game Development and his creation of the video game C.A.R.L.

You can find Nintendrew on YouTube at @Nintendrew

You can find John Riggs on YouTube at @JohnRiggs

Warren Davis: Q*bert and Beyond

Whitney Roberts from the Broken Token Classic Gaming Podcast is joined by Warren Davis to discuss Warren’s career in video games including creating the arcade hit Q*bert and other work in the industry.

You can find Warren Davis online HERE.

Also be sure to Buy Warren’s book, CREATING Q*BERT.

Visit Broken Token at https://brokentoken.com/

Retro Tech: How a CRT works

Steve Nutter from @RetroTechUSA covers how CRT’s work and how to repair and adjust them.

Visit Retro Tech on YouTube

Cosplay 101: Hosted by Ginger Oh Snap

Ginger Oh Snap is joined by cosplayers Mutant Glue, Derek Gilbreath, and Dee Volpe from Cosplay Collective. Is this your first time at a con and you’re wondering what all these costumes are about? Or have you been interested in cosplay for a while but aren’t sure how to get started? In this panel, Ginger Oh Snap will discuss the history of cosplay, where to start, tips and tricks for completing your cosplay, and how to survive a convention in it. Plus a few dos and don’ts from an experienced cosplayer’s perspective. There will also be a Q&A segment to make sure all of your burning cosplay questions are answered!

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